The Polytech Module System (MS) technology has already been recognised by the construction sector and received awards from, for example, associations of Polish civil engineers and architects. The practical benefits of Polytech MS have also been proved by a successfully defended doctoral dissertation. The innovative Polytech MS technology offers several benefits which designers can use for efficient design work.

We have created DZIEDZIC'E Architektów, a community of architects, to which we have invited creative professionals who are ready to take on challenging work in the areas of architecture, technology, materials and energy solutions in construction. We do it all to deliver what our customers need: houses designed specifically for them – their unique, dream houses. Houses that will give them a sense of security and a peace of mind for their families. Houses designed with their needs in mind.

The architects that work with DZIEDZIC’E are prepared to respond to the individual requirements of our customers by designing unique buildings suited to their specific needs. One of our architects will work closely with you to discover your dreams and to guide your all the way, as a trusted partner, to the destination on your journey to your dream house. Our architects will be happy to share their architectural mind with you. By inviting open-minded people to join the DZIEDZIC’E project, we have create a diverse space for customers. You can choose between simple designs or opt for something truly unique.

To all architects: we will be very happy to see your designs available to our customers in the DZIEDZIC’E community.

Customers are provided with a directory of designs that will meet their specific needs. The directory will be expanded and updated with more designs from our architects. If you are looking for a house design but the design you have found does not fully meet your expectations, you can contact the architect. Each design is labelled with the name of the architect. We will add new designs to the directory when they leave the drawing board.

If you already have a house design, we can make changes to it with the approval of the author.

We will be happy to welcome new architects and designers in our community. We will answer your questions and introduce you to the benefits of the Polytech technology. Most of all, however, we would like to meet you and to discover your creative minds.

Architects we recommend:

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