DZIEDZIC'E is more than a brand. It is our idea of a well-designed and well-constructed building.

Building houses is not only part of our business. It is also a way for us to share our experience with project owners.

Our customers can experience the best of what we have: our energy and passion for building.

This philosophy has inspired us to build a place where the dreams of project owners meet with the creativity of designers and the experience of builders all the way from design and construction.

A few years ago, we decided to draw on our experience to launch production of the Polytech Module System, which allows us to construct houses that will last for many years.

The Polytech system combines innovation with tradition.

When Polytech Module System (MS) wall panels are used to build a house, the construction process is fast and  cost-effective. Most importantly, though, Polytech MS allows us to construct low-energy buildings.

The comfort of living in a building well insulated thermally and acoustically is invaluable. Also, such a house is friendly to the environment.

This is why we have asked architects to work with us to prepare well-thought-out designs of buildings in line with the latest trends in architecture and in response to what project owners expect.

DZIEDZIC'E is a one-stop shop for whatever you need in your construction project: design support from an architect and assistance with choosing the technology, materials and energy-saving systems for your building.

What we deliver is YOUR HOUSE for years.

DZIEDZIC'E is a brand of real benefits.

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